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Affordable Doctors In Phoenix, Arizona

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Affordable Doctors In Phoenix, Arizona

Now more than ever, medical expenses can pile up quickly. For most American families, unexpected doctor bills and hidden fees can break the bank and lead to a cascade of financial hardships. For those living with chronic health conditions, who need to see their doctors regularly, these expenses have a major snowball effect. It leaves many people wondering how they can find an affordable doctor in Phoenix.

At Novis Health, our practice takes a holistic approach to healthcare. We specialize in functional medicine and treat a variety of acute and chronic health conditions. Many of our patients come to see us after spending many years, thousands of dollars, and hours of frustration dealing with conventional healthcare providers. Even after all of their trouble, many of them still struggled to manage their health issues or find healing. They’ve lost hope in finding an effective and affordable doctor in Phoenix.

New patients often complain about their past healthcare expenses. Hidden fees from their doctor’s office, prescription medications not covered by insurance, unexpected bills, unnecessary tests, and surprising procedure costs are just some of the stories we’ve heard.

If you’ve spent endless amounts of time, money, and energy on your medical care with minimal relief, it may be time to consider working with a functional medicine doctor. At Novis Health in Phoenix, we offer health care that’s higher quality and more affordable. 

How Functional Medicine Can Help

In addition to outstanding patient care, our primary focus is making sure that we save our patients’ time, money, and hassle by taking a more personalized approach to their treatment. Many patients in the conventional healthcare system end up stuck on a merry-go-round of testing, expensive prescriptions, starting and stopping medications, more appointments, and an ever-growing mountain of medical bills.

At Novis Health in Phoenix, we never take a cookie-cutter approach to diagnostics or treatment. We understand that your medical care should be just as unique as you are. 

You are more than just a list of symptoms. Each symptom and health condition has a root cause, and our job is to identify and treat those root causes to help you feel better faster, without breaking the bank or charging hidden fees.

Functional medicine allows patients to finally break out of the cycle of conventional medicine, address the root issue behind their symptoms, and get back to living more life. There’s no need to keep searching for affordable doctors in Phoenix.

A More Affordable Approach to Healthcare

Most conventional doctors use a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare and stick to stringent, and often outdated, treatment plans. At Novis Health in Phoenix, we stay up-to-date on the latest research and treatment options while keeping an open mind about how we approach a patient’s care. Instead of addressing your outer symptoms, we understand that your health problems may be interconnected. Functional medicine doctors go the extra mile to help patients finally find relief while also taking their budget into consideration. That’s why we offer affordable care in Phoenix. 

At your first appointment with a functional medicine doctor, you can expect a comprehensive assessment about your health history, previous lab test results, symptoms, family history, lifestyle habits, living environment, and stress levels. This assessment will give your doctor an inside look at your overall health, help him or her understand your symptoms, identify potential root causes, and help him or her determine the best way to move forward.

From there you will be sent for targeted lab tests that will help uncover the underlying causes of your symptoms and other areas of concern. This data will allow your doctor to formulate the most appropriate treatment plan based on your symptoms, health conditions, budget, and lifestyle. Functional medicine makes you an active participant in your treatment and incorporates diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes that will help you achieve your health goals.

These simple and affordable health solutions are highly effective and yet overlooked by many conventional doctors. Most conventional doctors dive right into the most costly interventions, such as prescription medications, without emphasizing the importance of diet, lifestyle, exercise, and stress levels. Instead, your doctor should recommend the most cost-effective options first, and only move forward if those interventions don’t produce the results you were hoping for. 

For patients looking for effective and affordable doctors in Phoenix, Novis Health

An Ideal Approach for Chronic Illness

When someone experiences pain, fatigue, or other symptoms that just won’t go away, he or she may be suffering from a chronic illness. From fibromyalgia to arthritis, many people suffer with chronic illnesses every single day. 

Most chronic illness patients have little hope beyond managing symptoms in their day-to-day lives. Functional medicine provides individual attention, a whole-body approach to treatment, and affordable care that allows chronic illness patients to finally experience true healing.

A person with a chronic illness requires frequent doctor visits, making it even more important to find an affordable doctor. At Novis Health in Phoenix, our chronic illness treatment gets to the root issue of disease. We offer treatment that’s effective and affordable in Phoenix.

Find an Affordable Doctor in Phoenix

If you’re tired of cookie-cutter treatments and ready to take back control of your health without exceeding your budget, it’s time to get started with functional medicine. 
Novis Health in Phoenix takes an individualized approach to healthcare, and will treat you as the unique individual that you are. Say goodbye to hidden fees, minimal support, and mounting medical bills. We will always take your budget and lifestyle into consideration when recommending tests and treatments, and will never surprise you with unexpected bills or hidden fees. Read more about our affordable functional medicine doctors and how we can help you.

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