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The Benefits of Online Health Coaching

Two women having a health coaching session via video chat

The Benefits of Online Health Coaching

With the recent surge of chronic diseases, more Americans have shown interest in taking control of their health and making better lifestyle choices. However, making these changes is not an easy task, which is why online health coaching has become a popular solution for those who are overwhelmed or frustrated by the process. 


An online health coach is a wellness expert who also acts as your own personal cheerleader. They’ll join you for one-on-one sessions to help you understand your health, behavior, and keep you motivated during your journey toward optimal wellness. Since it has become increasingly popular, you may be wondering about the benefits of online health coaching and how it can help you achieve your health and wellness goals more quickly. Let’s dive into the most prominent benefits, and how to find an online health coach in Phoenix.



Changing your diet can be stressful. Learning to cook new meals, reading nutrition labels, and adding or removing foods is a big change to your normal routine. Going through this process on your own could overwhelm you, making it more difficult to achieve your goals. Working with a qualified health coach will set you up for success, expedite your progress, and make for a smoother transition.


Whether your goal is to eliminate gluten, reduce inflammation, or optimize your gut health, online health coaching will help you embrace a healthier, more holistic lifestyle without the confusion or frustration of doing it alone.



Most Americans would benefit from incorporating more movement into their day. Sedentary lifestyles aren’t just detrimental to our health, they also make it much more difficult to gather the motivation to start exercising regularly. 

According to the CDC, we should be getting about 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week, in addition to 2 days of strength training. Unfortunately, between long days at the office, stressful commutes, and hectic home lives, it can be tough to find the energy and motivation to meet the recommended guidelines.


Online health coaching provides the motivation you need to push through those obstacles and make sure you’re getting plenty of physical activity each day. Studies show that people who work with a health coach have higher step counts and more daily physical activity than those who do not use similar resources.


Understand Your Body

Health is a complex topic – even more so if you are dealing with a chronic disease. Improving your health can be a daunting task, and with so much misinformation floating around online, it can be difficult to sort through all the noise. Online health coaching will give you a greater understanding of your body and your health so you can make the most appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes to suit your personal health goals.



Getting healthier is exciting, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be days that you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or unmotivated. Attempting to go through this process on your own makes it more likely that you’ll experience setbacks, and find it more difficult to jump back on the horse when you’ve fallen off.


Online health coaching provides you with your own personal cheerleader to support and encourage you every step of the way. After all, you’re working to break lifelong habits, which is not an easy task! For most people, just one stressful day or week is all it takes to slip back into old habits and abandon their health journey. An online health coach will use texts, phone calls, and video chats to keep you motivated and in a positive headspace, especially when the going gets tough.


Online Health Coaching in Phoenix

While doctor’s usually only have a few minutes to dedicate to their patients during an appointment, an online health coach is another medical professional who carves out ample time to support you on your wellness journey. At Novis Health in Phoenix, our skilled health coaches design personalized lifestyle plans based on your unique health history. 


We take a holistic approach to wellness. Our health coaches evaluate your nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, mental health, stress management, and spiritual practice to make sure you have a well-rounded plan of action to take control of your health.


If you’re ready to take advantage of our one-on-one online health coaching to achieve optimal wellness and get back to living life on your own terms, schedule a consultation at Novis Health in Phoenix today!

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