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Novis Health Foundations Program

Comprehensive Functional Medicine Labs

  • Custom Novis Health Lab Panel
  • 55+ Page Functional Health Report
  • Lab Results You Can Understand

PürRestore Metabolic Clearing Program

  • Guided Elimination Diet With Resources 
  • Restore Your metabolism
  • Optimize Your Body’s Detoxification

Personalized Supplementation Plan

  • Address Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Medical-Grade Supplements
  • Member discounts & Free Shipping

Benefits Of Coaching

  • setting and Achieving Goals
  • Lasting behavior change
  • Personal Accountability

Novis Health Foundations Program Pricing


$799 ($2000+ Value)

Custom Novis Health Lab Panel with ODX Functional Health Report

PürRestore Metabolic Clearing Program - Supplements & Program

Personalized Medical-Grade Supplement Plan

Unlimited Coach Chat - HIPAA Compliant

Health Improvement Planning Session

PürRestore Program Health Coaching Session

10% Discount on Supplements

Free Shipping on Supplements

Premium Membership 


(Billed automatically one month from purchase of Foundations Program) 

Twice Monthly 1:1 Health Coaching Sessions

Unlimited Coach Chat - HIPAA Compliant

Access to Discounted Lab Retesting

10% Discount on Supplements

Free Shipping on Supplements

Month-to-Month, No Commitment

The Power of Functional Medicine Coaching

Our Certified Health Coaches are your guide to success. From understanding your labs and implementing the PürRestore Program, to co-creating and taking action on improving your health for the long haul. Our Coaches are Certified with additional education and training in Functional Medicine. They are here to positively support you through:
  • Goal Setting
  • Behavior Change
  • Education
  • Lifestyle Enhancement
  • Motivation
  • and More

Patient Testimony

Michelle began her healing journey with Novis Health in June of 2021.

 In 10 months she:

  • Is off all thyroid medications!
  • No longer has menopause symptoms!
  • Has better, longer nights of quality sleep.
  • Is able to function better and more awake in the morning.

Michelle says, "My daughter finally knows ME, not a brain-foggy, exhausted mom!"

Our Mission

Novis Health is here to help you break free from chronic disease and unexplained fatigue through personalized treatment plans. All of our plans are based on functional medicine – a style of healthcare that addresses the root cause of your health conditions, not just symptoms. 

Our Denver members trust us year over year because they see real results. They’re not forced into one-size-fits-all programs that don’t work. Instead, they build a real relationship with our experts who takes the time to listen to their concerns and create a treatment plan that works.

Hope and health go hand-in-hand. Schedule your FREE Discovery Call by clicking the button below, and reimagine what your future could be.

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