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Complimentary Health Assessment

Lifestyle and Wellness

Take control of your energy levels, mood, and chronic conditions with healthy choices.

Work with a one-on-one health coach to reassess what it means to live a healthy life. Through a mix of science and encouragement, you’ll be hitting health goals you never though possible. Let’s create a wellness plan that works for your unique situation.

Identify risk factors

The first step of a successful health plan is to map out potential risks and road blocks. During your initial appointments at Novis Health, Phoenix, our team will assess your genetics, environment, and lifestyle for clues about how your body works.

Many members may be at risk for certain diseases five, 10, 15 years down the road. We want to be proactive in preventing these conditions. 

Your health coach will likely recommend changes to your diet, exercise, and sleep (among other factors). By following this plan, you can add years to your life and save money by preventing costly medical procedures in the future.

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Uncover Gaps In Nutrition

We’ve all seen the stats and watched the documentaries exposing the sorry state of the American diet. The simple fact is that many of us eat too many processed foods and sugars and not enough vegetables and whole grains. It’s also true that guilt and shame have no place in the diet world. If you aren’t getting the nutrition you need, you’re not to blame.

Novis Health, Phoenix, pairs world-class testing with education to build your complete nutrition plan. Whether you’re allergic to some foods or your body needs and extra boost of B vitamins, our team will find out what you need.

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Make Lasting Lifestyle Changes

There’s no magic pill you can take to live a long and happy life. We also know implementing lifestyle changes doesn’t have to be complicated either. 

The goal of every coach-member relationship is to build lasting habits that serve you well for decades. We work with you long enough for healthy choices to become second nature. After a while, healthy dinners and regular exercise will become part of your weekly routine.

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