Our Services

Creating a custom path to wellness begins with learning about all our incredible services.

Everything we do involves functional medicine and personalized coaching. In other words, all our services are customized to your unique needs. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about Novis Health, Phoenix. We make sure your health plan works for you, and we stick with you every step of the way.

Functional Medicine

If you break your arm, you can ice it down and hope for the best, or you can reset the bone so that it heals properly. This illustrates the difference between conventional medicine and functional medicine. 

Functional medicine wants to address the root cause of your illnesses. We want to reset the broken bone, so to speak. Sometimes this means providing the body with the nutrition it needs, and sometimes this means reducing stressors so that the body can begin healing itself. 

With functional medicine, you can trust that you’ll receive holistic, member-centered care.

Health Coaching

At Novis Health, we promise to help you reach your health goals through encouragement and education. You’ll work one-on-one with a health coach who will lay out a clear and effective treatment plan.

Research shows that accountability is a major influence on whether or not someone every reaches their health goals. We’re ready to encourage you as you achieve a level of wellness you never thought possible!

Advanced Health Technology

Achieve optimal wellness using the most modern healing technologies. We offer red light therapy, halo therapy, far infrared saunas, and more to our members. These technologies activate the body and promote healing from the inside out! 

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